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Economical use of water

Renewable EnergyWith drip irrigation moistened only basal zone of plants, from 30% to 60% of the total area, therefore decreasing the loss of peripheral water flow.

Water is quite expensive resource. water consumption accounting for the needs of part-time ...

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Optimum soil moisture

Renewable EnergyDrip irrigation maintains humidity within optimum limits and that provides intensive root respiration throughout the growth cycle.

The optimum soil moisture - humidity at which the root system of plants ...

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Promo video

Apple trees on the root stocks M-9. Price based on agreement. Contact us: 92 822 25 53.

The Private Company Umed Sharipov is providing trainings for potencial farmers on DIS in the districts of Sugd Region. The trainings are supported by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and IDE.


Как вы поливаете свою землю?

Капельное орошение - 23.5%
Из шланга вручную - 8.8%
Надеюсь на дождь - 17.6%
Как-то по другому - 35.3%

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